Meet Emma

I’ve felt the mix of frustration, anxiety and excitement you’re feeling now about struggling to really get your business off the ground. That’s because I’ve been there too.

This is my story…

There was a time, back in 2006, when I didn’t know what to do. I was due to return to my (well-loved & well-paid) job as UK Financial Accountant for a global pharmaceutical company after the birth of my first daughter, Mollie. But, with a new baby to care for, a more-than-full-time job and a 1 1/2 hour both-ways commute ahead of me, I felt desperate.

My boss was calling me on a weekly basis, asking me to commit to a return date and I kept putting him off – hoping a part-time job near home would come up. It didn’t. Maternity Pay stopped, the savings ran out and I was cornered. With a husband who works shifts, there was no way I was leaving my 6 month old from 7am – 6pm (if I could even get back for 6pm) 5 days a week. No matter how good the nursery – besides the fact that we just could not afford the £700+ a month childcare fees.

I had always fancied ‘being my own boss’ and I decided that was now my only option. That or have the house reposessed and move the family into the wheelie bin behind the local 7-11! (Oh yes, it’s funny now!)

I put an ad for ‘Accounting & Book-keeping Services’ in the Yellow Pages, put my CV on, printed myself some very primitive flyers (which I hand delivered to every shop in a 5 mile radius that I could see from the road) and crossed my fingers.

The next 3 years were a total roller coaster. Excesses of cash one month, no money at all for the next 3 months. I knew I was providing an excellent service to my customers but I had NO IDEA how to run a small business.

I was undercharging, attracting clients who made me lack confidence and doubt my fees, not wanting to chase clients for money when they paid me late, feeling like I could only invoice clients after I’d finished their work (which could take weeks)…

I was constantly being contacted by headhunters and was really doubting whether I had done the right thing.

I made HUGE mistakes and was really losing hope. Would I have to admit defeat and go back to a job in the corporate world?

Eventually that’s exactly what I did – after a couple of major set-backs and through sheer desperation I accepted a well-paid ’9-5′ job – AND HATED IT. I had become accustomed to working hours to suit me and my family and had jumped out of the frying pan straight back into the fire. I was back where I started, struggling to finish in time to collect my daughter, having to leave meetings early – it was a nightmare.

Then one day, fate took over.

After only 6 months in my new role I discovered I was (unexpectedly) expecting! My boss (and, incidentally, the Head of HR!) was furious and actually SULKED!! I was made to feel like I had engineered my return to employment and I was livid.

I vowed that this time I would set up a successful business, ON MY TERMS, to provide (with my husband) the lifestyle and I my family deserved.

And so I did!

Learning from my previous mistakes and using the knowledge I was used to imparting to OTHER business owners, I implemented proper controls & procedures, learned all I could about starting and growing a business from scratch, devoured courses on ‘magnetic marketing’ and read business books at a rate of knots!

I went from having 2 main, high paying clients – for whom I worked 4 days a week – (big, big, BIG mistake, by the way!) plus a few ad-hoc clients, to having approximately 40 regular clients (all a manageable and similar size) in 6 months!!

I now have a steady, healthy cash flow, fantastic clients, and earn more than I did in my last management role in, essentially, part-time hours. I work around my children, my husband’s shifts and my new-found passion for running! (something I always wanted to take up but could never find the time for).

Today I provide a money breakthrough programme, tailored to helping self-employed women  get through that ‘fight or flight’ stage of entrepreneurship (because yes, that’s what you are!) – and really push on to create the business they dreamed of.

My offerings include:

  • Teaching you how to create a business that is unique and authentic to you– Branding With Archetypes ® is a proven system that identifies your unique personality and strengths and rolls them into an authentic brand promise you can use in all your marketing
  • Pinpointing your most lucrative niche – Niche Breakthrough Secrets ® is the method I use to reveal the group of clients you really should be working with, and how to find them. Stop wasting time attracting low-paying, demanding clients and start focusing your efforts on those who really want what you’ve got!
  • Transforming that ‘thing you do’ into an exciting Signature System ®  that’s easy to market and enrol new clients into. Forget worrying about what your competition are charging – with your own Signature System ® in place, you don’t have any!
  • Organising your ideas into a simple, streamlined flow of offers. ‘Stacking’ different offers so that one flows seamlessly into another creates a cascade of cash flow month after month – and that’s what the Profit Pyramid ® does for you!
  • And much, much more!

I am dedicated to teaching as many self-employed women how to make their business the best in can be. I know how hard it is to get going properly (and maintain momentum!) and I offer step-by-step, how-to guidance and unconditional support that is proven, practical and tailored to those with no previous experience of business ownership!

I also know how precious your time is – many of my coaching & mentoring offerings are made up of recorded tele-classes, skype calls, videos, worksheets and assignments you can complete in your own time, as well as live calls and virtual workshops.

Forget expensive websites, logos and advertising – I will give you the knowledge you need to get going without making the costly mistakes I and thousands of other new businesses owners have made in the past.

The best way to get started is to join our FREE training webinar on How to Create The Breakthrough You NEED In Your Business…Charge What You’re Worth And Get It!